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“Hey, LEER!  What do you have that fits my truck?”

LEER has tonneaus and truck caps for virtually every light duty pickup truck on the road today, but we know what matters to you:  What does LEER have that fits YOUR truck?!  Use the Virtual Fit Charts to see every LEER cap and tonneau model we make for your specific make, year, model and size of truck.  Consider the alternatives of styling, features, function and price, so you can find the LEER product that suits you best.

I have a new (Dodge Ram, Ford F150). What is available for it?

LEER goes to work months before new trucks are introduced, getting measurements and designing products. Sometimes truck manufacturers provide CAD computer data, other times we measure prototypes and early production models. We work hard to have the most-popular caps and tonneaus for the most popular trucks as soon as possible after the truck is released. We then add other models as demand and resources allow.  To see if there is anything available for your new truck, click here or talk with your local LEER dealer.

What kind of routine maintenance do you recommend for my new truck cap?

Our cap engineers suggest the following: (1) check the tightness of clamps after the first week of operation, then again every 6 months; (2) clean the track on sliding windows and twist windows regularly to remove any dirt or debris; (3) apply a dry silicone, such as Camie 999, in the track to provide continually easy operation (4) lubricate push buttons and lever arms every 3 to 6 months, or as needed, using lithium grease or equivalent.

Can I install my LEER product myself?

LEER only authorizes and warrants installations done by Authorized LEER Dealers.  Proper installation, wiring, and adjustments are best done by trained, experienced personnel.  Professional installation by a LEER Dealer is a wise investment in the performance, appearance, and safety of your LEER product.

Where can I get a copy of the LEER Fiberglass Product Limited Warranty?

You should receive a copy of the LEER Limited Warranty that applies to your product when you receive your cap.  The full text of the current LEER Fiberglass Limited Warranty is also posted here. NOTE: other warranties have been in effect at other times, and your product may have coverage that differs from the warranty that applies to new products today.

What is a "tonneau" and what can it do for me?

A LEER tonneau (pronounced 'tonn-oh') is a hard fiberglass lid that covers, secures, and seals the cargo bed of a pickup truck.  It provides these benefits without changing the basic, classic profile of your vehicle.  It turns the cargo bed into a large, lockable storage space that you'll use when you go shopping, hunting, camping, or running errands.  Think of it as a huge trunk.  In addition, it also keeps dirt, rain, snow, leaves and other debris out of your truck bed, and protects the bed from damage from the elements.  Finally, a LEER tonneau is also a style statement - it covers and enhances the look of the bed and the truck itself, giving it a clean, finished look.

I applied for a LEER Online Coupon, but haven't received it. Why?

There are hundreds of firewalls and security settings in place to protect you and your web hosting company, and occasionally the mail you want to receive is blocked by them.  If you don’t see the LEER Online Coupon within minutes of your request (it is sent out immediately and automatically), check your “Spam” folder.  If it isn’t there, explain the situation to your LEER Dealer.  We can issue a coupon for your use to them.

What are the inside and outside dimensions of the truck cap I am planning to buy?

In general, our 'cab-high' caps follow the height of the truck cab and continue rearward at that height, parallel to the truck bed rails. Our Model 180/180CC adds about 4".  Model 122 heights vary.  Please view individual product pages or contact your dealer for additional information.

Our dimensions are only one factor in the overall height of your truck, however.  Also be aware of the suspension system, the weight of the load in truck, the size of tires, etc.  PLEASE TAKE CARE to consider the overall height of your vehicle BEFORE you enter any garage, parking facility, drive-through, underpass or other area with limited clearance.

How should I care for the finish on my new LEER cap or tonneau?

Our paint manufacturers recommend NOT washing or waxing your new tonneau for the first 90 days (see below).  After that time, we suggest routine washing with a mild car soap and soft rag or sponge.  Apply a quality paste wax designed for automotive finishes twice a year.  Should you need a deep cleaning of the surface due to oxidation, we suggest using products designed for fiberglass restoration, readily available at RV and marine outlets.  For more information regarding care of your LEER cap or tonneau, please visit our Care and Maintenance page.

Why do I have to wait 90 days before I wax my new LEER cap or tonneau?

Our paint suppliers make this recommendation to allow their paint to fully cure and harden.  OEM suppliers make the same recommendations for new car and truck paints.  Because of our rapid delivery schedules, LEER products are often delivered just days after they are painted.  Waxing has the potential to damage the fresh paint until it is fully cured.  To learn more about how to care for your new cap, visit our Care and Maintenance page.

What is the weight capacity of my LEER factory installed Thule Roof Rack System?

When factory-installed on a LEER Model 100XQ, 100XL, 100XR, 100R, 100RCC, 180, 180CC, or 122, the Thule AeroBlade and Tracker II Roof Rack systems have a maximum load capacity of 165 lbs.  There are other critical factors when safely carrying and securing loads to your roof rack and dash - always refer to the owner's manual provided with your Thule roof rack prior to use.

Can I buy LEER products directly from the LEER factories?

LEER operates a retail accessories store at its Milton, PA site for the convenience of local customers.  Other than that, LEER does not sell, offer installation, or provide service to retail customers at its factories.  All sales, service, adjustments, repairs and prices are provided by LEER Dealers. You can use this link to get a list of the dealers nearest you.

Do you have inventories of truck caps or tonneaus on hand?

Virtually all of our production is "custom-ordered" to perfectly match each customer's truck.  Because of the huge number of potential sizes, styles, models, and colors of products we offer, we maintain virtually no inventory of unsold products at our factories.  Active LEER Dealers often do have some inventory on hand, generally concentrating on the most popular truck models, bed sizes, and colors.  If you are looking for an in-stock product, call the LEER Dealers near you. (Need help locating a dealer?  Click here.)

I need a truck cap or tonneau by the end of the week. Can you tell me who has one?

While some active LEER Dealers have inventory of popular truck caps and tonneaus, we have no record of what any Dealer has on hand.  It's worth a few phone calls to the Dealers in your area - they might just have what you're looking for!  To locate the dealers nearest to you, use this link.

I see differences between the LEER products sold in different parts of the country. Why is this?

LEER utilizes three factories (located in Milton, PA; Elkhart, IN; and Woodland, CA) to produce its fiberglass truck caps and tonneaus.  Each factory uses its own sets of molds and buys local parts and assemblies when possible.  Each is also able to make subtle variations that suit the region of the country where their products are sold.  Of course, the major features, styling, warranty and quality of LEER products all meet the same high standards no matter where they are produced.

What is the VINdicator all about?

VINdicator is the name of the program LEER uses to identify paint color variants used by the truck manufacturers.  Dupont Automotive Paint keeps detailed records of all the paint formulas and the variants that run in the truck plants throughout North America each day.  We can access this data using the VIN number of your truck in the VINdicator system.  Our paint shops can then dial in the variant used on a particular truck using the VINdicator information. 

VINdicator is particularly useful and important with certain "tough color matches."  Your LEER Dealer knows when it should be used.  While no one can guarantee exact color matches, VINdicator is the best way for us to match the formula in use on the day your truck was built.

I can't get the LEER Dealer Finder to work - why?

There are hundreds of security blocks and firewalls being used by Internet hosting companies everywhere, and some don't allow our search tool to work.  Many Internet service providers also "cache" or save web pages to provide you with faster responses.  In some cases, the pages saved in this way are out of date or invalid - something we can do nothing about.  You may be able to adjust your security settings to allow our Finder to work, or try using a different web browser to access the LEER website.  LEER also has a toll-free phone search alternative - just dial 1-800-967-LEER to be connected to the LEER Dealer nearest you.

My Dealer won't accept the LEER Online Coupon. Why?

The LEER Online Coupon offers a discount off of regular retail price at participating LEER Dealers.  While we have recommended that all Dealers take part in the coupon program, we cannot force them to do so.  All LEER Dealers are independent businesses that know how best to serve their local markets competitively and profitably.  In many cases, local competition requires LEER Dealers to offer products at prices far lower than regular retail.  In these cases, an additional discount using the coupon is not possible.  If you have issues with your final purchase price (whether you're using a coupon or not), discuss them with your LEER Dealer at the time of purchase.  He/She wants your business and will do what he/she can, within the limits of what it takes to run a business, to earn it.

I don't see my make/model/year truck in your online fit charts. Do you have anything that might fit it?

Our online fit charts show all makes, models, and years we are able to fit.  If your truck isn't listed in the charts, unfortuantely we do not have a cap or tonneau that will fit it.  

I want to sell my truck cap and need to know what other makes/models/years of trucks it will fit.

Although dimensions appear to be similar for many truck models, most LEER molds will only fit the make/model/style of truck they were originally designed for.  In many cases, a particular truck style is in production for several years with virtually no change, and a cap will fit any model year during the run of a particular body style.  Beyond that, dimensions, angles, clearances, heights, and styling details are varied enough that it is unlikely that any cap can "cross over" from one truck to another.  If you want to pursue it, we recommend a trial fit on the truck.

I lost the keys to my truck cap or tonneau and the locksmith says he can't replace them. Help!

Check with your local LEER Dealer, as they can sometimes provide a replacement set of keys on-the-spot.  If they don't have the keys you need, they will contact LEER on your behalf.  If your lock is one currently in production, we will send a set of keys to your Dealer.  If your lock is no longer in production, the lock itself will have to be replaced by your local LEER Dealer.

I lost the LEER logo on my truck cap or tonneau. How can I replace it?

Check with your LEER Dealer, as they often have logos on hand and can get them to you quickly.  If your dealer does not have the logo you need in stock, you can also email us with your request and we can assist you.  Make sure you include your street address in your email.  Wherever possible, we replace logos as a courtesy to our customers.

How can I find out about your newest models for recently released trucks?

Your LEER Dealer gets a fax and/or email from us every Friday, which is our means of announcing new models releases.  Let your local Dealer know what you are interested in and he/she will be glad to notify you when the latest products are released.