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There was a time when a truck was just a working man's tool. When you saw a truck, you knew what it was for.   Today, a truck is as individual as the individual who drives it... and there are millions.  What about your truck?  What do you use it for?  What's your thing?  
A better question might be: Can you get more out of your truck than you do now?
At Leer, we don't tell you how to use your truck. But whatever it is, we help you do it better. We build truck caps and tonneau covers to help you stretch your boundaries, extend the road, and do more. No matter what truck you drive, what size or brand or model. We'll help you get there, protect your cargo, and make dreams happen. And we do it with style.
With Leer, your truck goes to the mountains, it goes to the ballpark, the ocean and the finest restaurants "at the top of the world".  And yes, it still goes to the job site.  Because no matter what else your truck does, it's still the best working tool out there. More space, more potential, more open road. Suddenly, the possibilities become more possible.
Leer... Live Larger.