Media Contacts:
Richard Brown
Vice President
Truck N Cover LLC
Kerri Walker
Vice President.
Truck Accessories Group

Power Alliance TAG, Galpin, SALEEN and Truck N Cover to Reveal
EXOPAK®/ RACK N TRACK® will be Standout of SEMA 2019

Irvine, CA — The 2019 Las Vegas SEMA Show (November 5-8) at the Las Vegas Convention Center will be the epicenter of an industry disruptive, state-of-the-art product rollout from Truck N Cover called EXOPAK®/ RACK N TRACK® — featuring a power alliance with Truck Accessory Group (TAG), Galpin Ford, SALEEN Automotive and ERN Radio.

Truck N Cover created the unique alliance to enable engineering and trigger excitement and momentum to propel these exciting innovations in functionality, adaptability and style with the goal of reshaping the truck cargo and accessory space within an already skyrocketing truck market.

Style, function, innovation and practicality in the distinctive seven product array of options from Truck N Cover are poised to quench an insatiable appetite that has long been lacking in the pickup truck sector. Vice president of marketing at Truck Accessories Group (TAG) Kerri Walker immediately recognized the novelty of patented EXOPAK®/ RACK N TRACK® configurations and was blown away. “There has been a real need for innovation in this sector for some time. The EXOPAK completely changes the landscape. This is fresh and original and will reshape the future of the truck industry.”

Number one volume FORD dealer in the world, Galpin Ford, availed the Galpin Auto Sports design team to help bring EXOPAK/RACK N TRACK to life through a combination of creativity and strategic engineering. This inspired SALEEN Automotive to position its FORD F-150 SALEEN XR as the premier model to introduce the EXOPAK/ RACK N TRACK to the truck world at the SEMA show in November.

“This will be a game-changer that will disrupt the pickup truck market for years to come” said automotive expert, radio and television personality, Alan Taylor.

Opportunity to transform traditional truck bed configurations drove creator Nick Singer to move forward on the innovative patented products being rolled out by Truck N Cover.

Look for the show-stopping EXOPAK/RACK N TRACK to generate a tremendous amount of excitement and interest from both manufacturers and dealers alike. Visit the Truck Accessory Group Booth # 35039.