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Elkhart, Ind. (November 1, 2019) – Tradition and innovation have joined forces and will be on display at SEMA 2019 as LEER® announces a special collaboration with well-known industry fabricator and Founder of West Coast Choppers, Jesse James. Together LEER and James are debuting the TANAMI, an all-aluminum, concept truck cap during SEMA.

“I’m so excited about this NEW “TANAMI” Adaptable Truck Cap/Rack system we are building for LEER,” said Jesse James, Founder of West Coast Choppers and well-known industry fabricator. “TANAMI answers the challenge of how to protect and cover your truck bed while keeping the versatility of open space. This cap provides both. In a one-man operation, it can change from cap to pickup with no tools in minutes. It will have a ton of adaptability for a roof top tent, accessory racks, solid sides, window sides and more. Your work truck can also be a play truck.”

A modular design shown at SEMA on a 2019 Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty, the TANAMI is engineered to fit most truck models. The construction includes three heavy-duty main roof bows, robust aluminum side and top panels and a gate-style rear door, designed specifically for this TANAMI.

“The TANAMI is a unique concept bringing security and protection to the truck bed while at the same time providing open-air styling with removable tops and side panels,” said Fred Bournay, Sr. Category Manager for LEER. “The way it has been designed allows owners to protect their truck bed from the elements when needed, and then turn around and move top and side panels for an open concept. The TANAMI answers and eliminates the concern about losing the versatility of a truck once a cap is installed.”

The TANAMI works on a rack system with roof bows sliding forward on rails and clicking into place, locking them forward and opening up the back of the truck bed. A locking mechanism keeps the roof bows in place while driving. In addition, the rear and middle roof bow can lock independently from the front bow if only half of the truck bed is needed.

“There is no need for special equipment,” said Bournay. “An owner doesn’t need four people or expensive equipment to remove the cap.”

James added that the roof bows are built to accommodate a variety of accessories including roof top tents, ladder and storage racks, and outdoor/offroad gear.

“The possibilities of how this cap and system can be used are left only to one’s imagination,” said James. “When we entered this collaboration with LEER, we challenged ourselves to build something completely different from anything on the market, and we did just that.”

The Tanami is patent-pending. For more information on the TANAMI, visit the LEER Booth #35039 during SEMA 2019.



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With U.S.-based manufacturing facilities in Woodland, Calif., Elkhart, Ind., and Milton, Penn., LEER is a recognized innovator and leader in the truck cap and tonneau industry. The company delivers products of the highest quality, enhancing the lives of truck owners and expanding the functionality of the trucks they drive and depend upon. LEER has built the industry’s largest distributor network, providing products and unparalleled service to truck owners in every U.S. state, and every corner of North America. As part of the veteran-owned Truck Accessories Group LLC, LEER benefits from extensive engineering, design and mold-making resources and expertise. For more information, please visit www.LEER.com and Facebook.

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