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We are so confident in that statement that we offer a limited lifetime structural warranty on the LEER brand of recreational fiberglass products. Take a moment to review the following care and maintenance instructions to keep your LEER product looking its best and performing safely and register your LEER product below.

Your LEER brand product has been finished with premium-grade automotive paint. Proper maintenance of this new finish will be rewarded with a longlasting beautiful appearance. Paint supplier DuPont has provided the following guidelines for you:
  • Avoid wiping or waxing your cap or tonneau for 90 days and avoid commercial or high-pressure car washes for 90 days. This gives the fresh paint finish the maximum time to cure completely.
  • Do not wipe your cap or tonneau with a dry cloth.
  • Do not spill chemicals such as anti-freeze or coolant on the finish.
  • Do not scrape ice or snow from the finish.
  • Do not use polishes not formulated for clear-coat finishes.
  • After 90 days, wash and wax your cap or tonneau regularly with a product designed to preserve and protect painted fiberglass. Ask your LEER Dealer for product recommendations. Make sure to wash your LEER in a shaded area using cool water and a mild detergent.
  • Do not subject the windows of your LEER cap to the direct force of high-pressure commercial car washes or pressure washers. Windows are not warranted against leaks under the pressures of such equipment.
Regular maintenance will keep your LEER product working well. Your LEER Dealer would be happy to help you for a nominal fee.
  • Lubricate the sliding portions of your windows, door hinges, door lock(s) and window mechanisms monthly with an oil-based lubricant. Do not use silicone or petroleum distillate (WD40, etc.) spray lubricant on gas props.
  • Check mounting hardware monthly for tightness. Cap clamps and J-clamps are suitable for securing caps and tonneaus when properly used. Ask your LEER Dealer if you have any reservations about the attachment process. Caps can also be securely bolted to the truck bed rail using ¼” grade #5 bolts with 1” washers under the bolt head and under the bed rail. Locking washers should be used under each nut.
  • Check the material used to seal the windows and trim. Exposure to weather may in time cause shrinkage. If shrinkage occurs, re-seal with a silicone based sealant.
  • All fiberglass surface colors are susceptible to weathering and should be thoroughly cleaned and waxed after 90 days of use. Several products are available to preserve and protect painted fiberglass as well as aluminum surfaces. (Note: allow at least 90 days for complete paint cure of the painted finish.) Ask your LEER Dealer for product waxing recommendations.
Here are the major reasons why no one can guarantee to match your truck’s original factory paint: (Source: SEMA/Specialty Equipment Market Association)
  • Truck makers have three major paint suppliers. Some use all three.
  • Long piping in the OEM plants distorts the metallic flake before reaching the application point. This can affect color and brightness.
  • Oven temperatures change causing some pastels to go yellow or darken.
  • Different application equipment (mini bells, robotics, electrostatic and conventional spray) all paint differently, changing metallic and color appearance.
  • Paint technologies can change at each plant on the same vehicles. Waterborne, base-coat or high solids paint can be used on the same color.
  • Fluid and air pressure vary on the production lines.
  • Temperature and humidity levels vary on different days.
  • Never drive your vehicle with the cap door(s) or tonneau open.
  • Do not use the product for passenger occupancy while the vehicle is in motion or while the engine is running.
  • Factory installed Thule® racks on LEER fiberglass caps have a load limit of 165lbs. Thule® requires that front and rear tie-downs be used when carrying any long load like a kayak or canoe.
  • Contact your auto insurance company to make them aware you have added a LEER cap or tonneau to your vehicle.


Truck Accessories Group warrants you, the original retail Purchaser, that for as long as you own your LEER® brand recreational fiberglass tonneau or Rolling, Folding, and Retractable tonneau cover, installed by an authorized LEER Dealer on the original vehicle, that it will be free from defects in material and workmanship. That's way we offer a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty on all Fiberglass, Latitude, Latitude SC, and SR250 covers. We offer a 3 YEAR LIMITED warranty on Ricochet, Ricochet XRT, and HF350M covers. You can register your tonneau cover below. For policies regarding shipping and returns click here.




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