LEER JUNE Special Offers

Combine coupons to save BIG!*


Limited time only!

Combine coupons to save BIG.* For a limited time, combine the following coupons!


(One of the following) $80 off select caps or FREE select headliner or FREE select Removable Fixed Window PLUS

(One of the following) $50 off Thule or $75 off DECKED or Bedslide or LEER LOCKER.


$50 coupon

Receive $50 OFF the Keyless Remote System on a purchase of a LEER 100XQ, 100XL, 100XR, 180XL, 180XR truck cap or LEER 700 Tonneau cover. Labor and installation is not included.

$50 coupon


Receive $50 off BEDRUG Cover when purchased through LEER. 

$80 coupon
SAVE $80 on select models

Models: 100XL, 100XR, 180XL, 180XR, 122,

FREE Headliner Coupon for select models

Models: 100XL,100XR, 100R, 180, 180XL, 180XR, 122 or 550

FREE Removable Fixed Window coupon for select models

Models: 100XQ, 100XL, 100XR, 180XL, 180XR, 100RCC, 180CC or 122

$50 coupon
SAVE $50 | THULE Tracker II or AeroBlade Roof Rack System

Save $50 on a THULE Tracker II or AeroBlade Roof Rack System when ordered as an option with a truck cap. 

$75 coupon
Save $75 Instant Rebate on DECKED Bed Organizers

Must be purchased from LEER. Can be combined with one additional coupon offer. 

$75 coupon
SAVE $75 Instant Rebate – Purchase any BEDSLIDE for the rebate

BEDSLIDE can be combined with LEER’s other special coupon offers when purchased from LEER!

$75 coupon

Must be purchased from LEER. Can only be combined with one (1) additional coupon. 

Coupon to be issued to:

  1. Print web coupon and present it to a participating LEER dealer.
  2. Present your special offer certificate when you order.
  3. Coupon good through June 30, 2017.
  4. One (1) coupon per Cap/Tonneau ordered. Cannot be combined with additional coupon offers. May only select ONE (1) of the FREE upgrades OR cap discount. 
  5. BEDSLIDE, DECKED, THULE and LEER Locker coupons are the only coupons that can be combined with one additional other coupon offer. Cannot combine these coupons with each other. Offer only valid with purchase of a cap or fiberglass tonneau. 
  6. Cost of installation is not included in any coupon offer. Please ask your dealer for more information.

* LEER offers are good for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, at Participating LEER Dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Check the expiration date on the coupon. Coupon must be presented when you order. It is not valid after you place your order. These offers represent a reduction from regular selling prices. Only one coupon may be used per cap or tonneau ordered and cannot be combined with other offers. Coupons not valid on Fleet and/or Bid Assist. Your coupon number can be confirmed by your Dealer with LEER. To use your coupon, simply print it and take it to a Participating LEER Dealer near you. Present your coupon WHEN YOU ORDER. It is not valid AFTER your order is placed. NOTE: Not all LEER Dealers participate in the LEER Coupon program, because of local business conditions. You may want to check with the LEER Dealers near you. Issuer: Truck Accessories Group, LLC, 28858 Ventura Drive, Elkhart IN 46517.